Freeview channel 264

VisionTV is a network of 35 TV channels from around the world which include news, entertainment, sports, culture and religious programming in English and foreign languages including French, German, Urdu, Hindi and many others. Requires broadband connection to TV.

Available via Freeview channel 264, online, IOS and Android apps VisionTV UK and EETV


How it works

Launcher application checks compatibility and connectivity
Arrow and OK keys used to select a genre from the menu.
Full screen video with channel zap banner
Zap banner disappears automatically
Press YELLOW to show programme information
Press GREEN to access the VisionTV Guide


VisionTV is also available on desktops, smart phone apps and EETV set-top boxes.
Stay connected to your viewers in more ways than ever before. With our multi-screen, cross-platform distribution network, viewers will be able to watch your channel wherever they are:

Main TV Screen

  • UK’s first and biggest TV platform
  • 11+ Million connected TV’s
  • More TV’s added daily
  • Get your channel on the main household screen


  • Global Distribution
  • Fast, simple intuitive website design
  • Streamed via Tier 1 CDN
  • Geo-Blocking available
Leisure Time


  • Global Distribution
  • Apps tailored for iOS and Android devices
  • Easy to use
On the Move


  • Global Distribution
  • Apps tailored for iOS and Android devices
  • Easy to use

Benefits of launching on connected Freeview

  • Reach your community living in the UK via the most popular platform
  • Fast launch – less then 2 weeks
  • No license required for non-EU channels from January 2016
  • Very cost effective
  • Monthly reports on the viewership
  • Connect the community to their home

About us

Vision247 provides broadcasters, TV channels and content owners with a complete, end-to-end internet TV solution, from its broadcasting services through to end-device applications.

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