Channel Downlink and Distribution

Vision247 is your ideal partner to downlink channels using its extensive satellite dish farm and distribute your TV channel via satellite, cable, OTT or connected Freeview.

Our new Chiswick Media Park facility has its own satellite dish farm which allows us to locally downlink channels from a broad horizon. Our Satellite reach ranges from 42° East to 30° West and includes Eurobird/Astra, Arabsat, Eutelsat, Hotbird, Atlantic Bird, Intelsat and many others. Feeds can be downlinked for live insertion into playout, recorded locally for repeated broadcast and post production or further distributed worldwide via satellite, OTT streaming or delivered to telcos, or other broadcast operators via our extensive fibre network.

From our playout centre in Chiswick Media Park your TV channel can be delivered to all major platforms in UK:



SKY is the largest UK pay-TV operator and largest UK satellite platform. Broadcast to 1/3 of UK homes (approx. 11 million), SKY is the premier choice for satellite distribution.


Freesat is a free-to-air digital satellite television joint venture between the BBC and ITV. With no monthly subscription fees, Freesat continues to grow in popularity. There are currently 1.4 million UK households receiving Freesat.


IPTV platforms

The leaders in the UK in the market are:

Virgin Media with 3.8 million subscribers.

BT TV with 1.4 million subscribers


Over-the-Top (OTT) Television

OTT television refers to the delivery of content to the viewer by means of the internet, without the involvement of a specific internet service provider (ISP). Content delivered by only one operator, e.g. BT TV, would be classed as a ‘closed platform or ‘walled garden’.

There are many OTT platforms to choose from, some of the more popular would be ROKU, Amazon Fire & Apple TV.


Connected Freeview

Rather than spend £millions on bandwidth across the DTT network, we can deliver your channel to the Freeview HD platform at a fraction of the cost; via IP. No additional software or hardware required by the viewer; any compatible, connected TV can already receive the Connected Freeview channels. 7.5 million compatible devices on the market.


Worldwide distribution

Our sister company Connexion Broadcast using its global network of agents can distribute your TV channel worldwide including hotel chains. For more info please go to



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