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From anywhere, to anywhere

Whether it’s downlinking a satellite channel for redistributing to another platform, inserting ad-hoc satellite events into your playout, encoding for OTT streaming or capturing for compliance or repeat playout, Vision247 can downlink a signal from any orbital position on the globe and deliver it to you via private fibre or over the public internet using the latest tehcnologies such as Zixi or RTS protocol. Whether from our dishfarm on the roof of our playout centre in London or from one of our global partners we can downlink from any satellite footprint as required.

In addition to satellite feeds, we also perform signal turnaround from any source including facility line from BT Tower, datacenter cross connect, online stream or Zixi feed.

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Vision247 provides broadcasters, TV channels and content owners with a complete, end-to-end internet TV solution, from its broadcasting services through to end-device applications.

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